Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Photoshop Fun

I recently downloaded the 30 day trial for Adobe Photoshop CS5. Let me tell you, I am in LOVE! I have been an avid Elements user for several years, but wanted to check out all the bells and whistles CS5 had to offer. There are so many, I doubt I will be able to play with them all in 30 days (or 26, as I was reminded when I opened the program today). All I have really played with is editing photos, which, to me, goes much smoother in CS5 than Elements.

In order to learn all the ins and outs of Photoshop, I have been watching and reading lots and lots of tutorials. There are so many fascinating things I can't wait to try. There is one tutorial I came across that I immediately sunk my teeth into; Creating Vector Style Illustrations in Photoshop. Have you ever seen a blog with an illustration (like a woman on a laptop) in it's header? I think those are so adorable. When I went searching for those images, I found out they were for sale...for a pretty penny. Too rich for my ever shrinking budget. So I wondered how hard would it be to make my own. I have zero drawing skills to speak of, so sketching was out of the question. After spending some significant time searching the internet, I found the aforementioned tutorial. Instead of creating the character from scratch or a sketch, you use a photo as your baseline. Genius.

Here is the photo I used:

Here is my first attempt at making a character illustration of myself:

I have a few things I need to work out. The nose was the hardest part for me (which still looks huge off to me). If you read the tutorial, you will see I skipped a few things, either because I didn't like the look or couldn't quite figure out how to get it to work right. All in all, I am quite pleased with the final result, especially for my first time. I have already started on one of my daughter. Fun, fun, fun!

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